Why DC Young Fly has captivated your hearts and laughter | @85southshow @dcyoungfly


Being from the magical city of Atlanta, Georgia John Whitfield, better known by his online alias and persona DC Young Fly was destined for greatness. Being a multi-talented rapper, actor, comedian, singer, and internet personality. DC was sure to overcome obstacles & adversity allowing his hard work & dedication to flourish into the growing career were witnessing now.

You probably were first introduecd to DC through his popular social media outlets which displayed his comedic genius through hilarious skits, roasting, free-styling, and pure daring comedy moments. His fame & following would soon carry-over onto television where DC quickly became one of the rising stars of Nick Cannon's legendary freestyle comedy show MTV WildńOut. 

From there we have seen DC in numerous shows, movies, concerts, as well as the number one podcast in the world, the 85 South Show. DC has proven that his impact & imprint in our generation is here to stay.