Loungin' with Boonk | Mass Appeal

Source: Mass Appeal

Life at Mass Appeal Manor is not normal. You might just wake up one morning, rub your eyes and step out of your bedroom to see the smiling tattooed face of Boonk Gang. “I stay with a smile on my face,” says the man who pioneered the catchphrase “Whole lotta gang sh*t,” demonstrating the power of positive mental attitude amidst the madness of SXSW. “I got that from the Joker, cause the Joker stay smiling no matter what he doin’. I was homeless—I was still smiling through that.” Soon after he took a seat on the Hip Hop Hammock, it became clear that Boonk Gang is no joke. “I’m not weak-minded and I’m not a weak person at all,” he said, pointing out that he’d been 100% sober for the past week—following a police raid on his residence. “No Xans, no Molly, no nothin’. No Percs, no weed, no nothin’,” he said with a smile. “I don’t need drugs to do anything. Me, I’m a wild individual period.” Click play and get ready for a whole lotta Loungin’.