Loungin' with Ugly God

Source: Mass Appeal

Loungin’ on the hip hop hammock is not as easy as it looks. Just ask Ugly God. He learned the hard way when he took a break from the madness of SXSW and stopped by Mass Appeal Manor in Austin, Texas. Bouncing back from a nasty spill, the Mississippi-based rapper and social media sensation regained his composure nicely and blessed us with a very rare interview. “I’ve always been rockin’ with the lizard honestly,” Ugly God revealed about his reptilian sidekick. “It’s just I never recorded it and put it online.” He also sent a shout-out to his long-lost homie Brett, the guy who first sparked his interest in frogs, snakes, and lizards. Ugly God also spoke about his respect for Lil Yachty, his plan to drop three new projects in three days back to back to back, and offered his take on rap’s new wave. “Really it’s all the weird kids doing their own stuff.” Check out this very special episode of Loungin’.