DC Young Fly Roast Session Singing | Teresa Top Notch Is Celibate | Karlous' Sermon | W. Navv Greene

Source: The 85 South Comedy Show

Teresa Top Notch and Navv Greene stop by the trap house to talk with DC Young Fy and Karlous Miller about side nigga activity, Donald Trump grabbing in the pussy, and lesbians. Plus DC Young Fly sends a special dedication to Shawty Lo and the crew continues to talk about why Steve Harvey kicked them out the studio. Plus Teresa is celibate and she breaks down why she made that decision. Karlous' hilarious sermon lays out a truths including: The Brilliant Idiots, Drink Champs, Tax Season are podcasts we fuck with. Also, we're going to continue making shows even though Steve Harvey kicked us out the studio. Also Karlous explains who #thispodcastsfor - Check out another hilarious podcast episode from The 85 South Show! Of course, the show features a DC Young Fly roast session and a lot of DC Young Fy singing!