Open Space: Tee Grizzley | Mass Appeal

Source: Mass Appeal

“When people hear that I’m out, everybody’s gonna run to it. ‘Damn, we ain’t seen him.’” Budding Detroit star Tee Grizzley describes his approach to dropping his breakthrough track “First Day Out,” which made Grizzley one of 2017’s most notable new rap stars. Fresh out of prison, the first thing on the Detroit MC’s agenda wasn’t catching up with friends and family, it was getting on. So he hatched a plan to co-opt Gucci Mane’s “First Day Out” model and make it at turn-up anthem that doubled as his homecoming announcement. Judging by co-signs from JAY-Z and LeBron James, his plan worked. Now, Grizzley’s challenge is turning his inescapable buzz and roaring potential into lasting success. On the latest episode of Open Space, Grizzley gives MASS APPEAL a look into what’s on the horizon as the new year gets going.