INSECURE'S Amanda Seales Takes You To Harlem

As Amanda Seales strode into Ginny’s Supper Club, the nightspot under the Red Rooster in Harlem on a recent Thursday, a young woman pulled her aside, saying, “You are fabulous, honey.” At the fan’s request, the two took a pout-perfect selfie.

“Tag me,” said Ms. Seales, an actress, comedian, writer, producer, hip-hop artist, radio personality, slam poet and former V.J., who moved to Los Angeles in 2015. She had spent the previous 12 years in Harlem, trying to get famous. To come back having mostly succeeded means she’ll gladly pose for any number of selfies.

Taking a seat near the bar, Ms. Seales, 36, who plays the fancy publicist Tiffany on “Insecure,” ordered cod fritters and sipped sparkling water as she nodded in time to the alto saxophonist Sharel Cassity. Ms. Cassity was blowing a golden instrument, as sleek and streamlined as an Art Deco train, and in the candlelight, Ms. Seales was golden herself, from the tips of her springy curls to the toes of her metallic sneakers, with a plunging pale gilt dress in between.

A less confident woman might have swathed herself in fabric tape to prevent a wardrobe malfunction. Not Ms. Seales. “At a certain point you just have to have a mind over matter about nipples,” she said. “Anytime I don’t have to wear a bra is a good day.”

Watch Harlem resident Leonard Ouzts, Darren Brand, and Karlous Miller record right cross 110th street. 

Ms. Seales at Ginny's Supper Club in Harlem. CreditAn Rong Xu for The New York Times

After the set, Ms. Seales put on her leather jacket and emerged onto Malcolm X Boulevard, marveling how much had changed since she left Harlem. She moved there in the early 2000s after graduating from SUNY Purchase.

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