Smoke a Blunt w/ Trippie Redd

Source: Mass Appeal

Just last summer Canton, Ohio's own Trippie Redd came through MASS APPEAL HQ and put the world on notice. "We the new pop, basically," declared the Trippie Redd and for the next five months this man has made major moves, collaborating with Lil Wayne, and dropping A Love Letter To You 2—an independent SoundCloud release that cracked Billboard's Top 40. Not long ago Trip, Goose the Guru, and the rest of their squad stopped by to smoke a blunt. The conversation this time was a little bit—different. We learned about "Going to Mars," Trip's go-to munchies—pickle chips, Takis, strawberry shortcake popsicles, and Squirt soft drinks—and which cartoon characters he'd like to smoke with.