The Big Gipp Episode

If you want to know the history of the Atlanta music scene - like TLC, Curtis Mayfield, Tupac, OutKast and the The entire Dungeon Family - listen to Big Gipp because he was right in the middle of it. Karlous Miller and Ronnie Jordan catch up with ATL legend and member of Goodie Mob and The Dungeon Family to hear his personal story in music and how he cooked up classic Goodie Mob albums like Soul Food and Still Standing 

From high school, Gipp knew future stars like Chilli of TLC and chronicles how the city's music influence grew from a small bass scene to a national and international force. With the help of producers and executives like LA Reid, Pebbles, Kawan Prather, Jermaine Dupri and more...the city grew to became a hit machine. 

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Gipp also gets personal and recounts meeting the fellow members of Goodie Mob - Cee-Lo, Kujo Goodie, and T-Mo - and tells how the group evolved over time. Gipp explains the story behind the "One Monkey Don't Stop No Show" album - the reason behind it's name and why it did not feature Cee-Lo. 

Tupac Shakur also was on the Atlanta music scene in the 90's and Gipp recounts his experiences with Pac. From the night he was arrested for shooting at two Atlanta police officers, to being in the studio with Lisa Lopez when Pac previewed " Hit Em Up" and finally that memorable night at The Source Awards, Gipp breaks it down. 

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